The popularity of body art for both men and women shows no sign ceasing and certain images have proven to be long standing favorites for one or the other, but there are also many designs that are favored equally by both sexes. These include those images that are chosen to represent one’s faith, be it theological or spiritual in origins, and angel tattoos come under this category but are popular for a wide variety of reasons too. Angel Tattoos While some opt for angelic body art as an expression of their religious beliefs, others like the idea of having a guardian angel watching over them and therefore choose this particular image as a talisman for luck and protection. These celestial beings, which closely resemble humans in appearance, are also widely requested for memorial themed tattoos, by those whose body art is dedicated to the memory of a departed loved one. However, there are also those who choose this particular image simply because they like it as these are often very beautiful designs that can make a stunning visual impact when inked on the human skin.

There are many different ways in which angel tattoos can be depicted from child-like cherubs to beautiful women and handsome men in flowing robes, as well as elderly males with long white hair and beard, however wings and halos are a common feature for all of these. Some angels may hold a heavenly instrument like the harp or the trumpet while others may hold a sword to represent the eternal battle of good against evil.

According to the bible, these celestial beings are all the servants of God and while they exist to serve Him, they are also widely deemed to be the connection between heaven and earth so throughout the ages they have been portrayed as messengers from God. These make beautiful body art designs as an image on their own however they are also widely used in conjunction with other images that follow a similar theme of divinity, religion, faith and spirituality with clouds and stars proving popular choices as the backdrop for larger designs. Angel Tattoos Many of these designs also incorporate contrasting imagery more usually associated with evil, such as fallen angels, demons, dragons and even Satan, but there are some wonderful tattoos of this kind which are illustrated in such intricate detail that they resemble miniature works of art. If this idea appeals to you then it would be recommended to find a tattooist with experience in such designs who can assure you that he has the artistic talent and skill required to create your particular masterpiece.

The placement areas chosen for angel tattoos will vary considerably depending on the size and style of the design you have chosen. Larger more elaborate pieces are best suited to a wider surface of skin like the back or ribs while smaller stand alone images look better on a smaller body part like the nape of the neck, shoulder, navel, thigh or ankle. There are also some cute cartoon style angels that are ideal for the latter, especially for those who want pretty feminine body art, placed on a more discrete surface of skin, that offer a light-hearted alternative to some of the more traditional designs.

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