There are many pretty body art designs that are bright, colorful and cheering to behold but while female tattoo enthusiasts on the whole prefer more positive images their male counter parts are not afraid to show off their darker sides with the likes of skull tattoos. Skull TattoosThese are often chosen by bikers, whether these are members of a gang or simply motorbike enthusiasts who want a design that shows off their wild side and their love of life in the fast lane however these designs also represents the risks of living dangerously. In this respect they are often accompanied by additional images of a related theme however this particular design is most often combined with deadly insects like spiders and scorpions, snakes, daggers, flames and traditional cross bones. These can be depicted in a variety of differing ways, depending on the effect you wish to create whether you want a realistic grinning skull or a more light-hearted cartoon style version, and pretty much anything and everything in between.

Unfortunately, there are more negative connotations relating to skull tattoos than positive ones and it is most often synonymous with death however this does not necessarily mean that the wearer has a morbid fascination with macabre matters. Some individuals opt for this particular image simply to serve as a reminder that death is always waiting and that life has to be lived to the full while we can.

The skull image used on an illustration of the grim reaper is a popular way to express this particular sentiment although this particular version has also proved popular with those who have had a brush with death at some point. In this respect, using a skull in this manner would have much more positive connotations as it is representing a lucky escape and thus reminder the individual of the value of life. These are also used for memorial-style tattoos, to pay homage to a deceased friend, partner or family member and while this may seem like a rather dark way to pay homage to the deceased, adding a floral image like a rose or lily will brighten up this tribute considerably. Skull TattoosIn some cultures, the skull is deemed a symbol of good luck particularly those among the gambling fraternity as these are frequently used as a good luck talisman particularly after a streak of bad fortune. This particular charm is also used in this respect on key rings and jewelry as well as tattoos so if you are in a casino; see how many skulls you can spot and then watch closely to see if they have the desired effect on the wearer!

Many skull tattoos are depicted in natural shades of black, white and grey however there are a growing number of designs that inject a fusion of color into this image for a more vivid visual impact. Colorful skulls are available in a large number of different designs too particularly those with additional images incorporated like fire and flames, flowers, intricately detailed snakes with exquisite colored markings and articles of clothing like a cap or brightly colored bandana.

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